Mongolia Horsetrek July 2020

Horseback riding Tour 2020 in Western Mongolia
The only limits are the ones in your mind.

Come with us to Mongolia!

This horse trekking trip will take you through Altai Tavan Bogd National Park to the stunningly beautiful Altai Mountain Range in the far western part of Mongolia.
The countryside here is magnificent and remote and you will have the opportunity to ride through some majestic scenery. You will also experience the way of life of the local Kazakh and Tuvan nomadic people and learn about their customs and culture.

“It is better to see one time than to hear a hundred times.”  Mongolian Proverb

When: 27 June – 14 July 2020
Group size: max. 10 participants
Included: English speaking guide, food, drinks & snacks, horses and camels with gear, all local transport, border and National Park fees
Excluded: Flight tickets to and from Mongolia & alcoholic drinks
Price: 2’950 EUR

contact us on, or the contact form on this website.

Come ride with us. You are in best hands:
Nurbolat : Our experienced tour guide speaking Mongolian, Kazakh & English
Tamar: International wilderness guide (accredited by the Wilderness Guides Association (WGA) and Interpretive guides association (IGA), travel-passionate & outdoor-enthusiast
Susanne: Travel-passionate, nature-lover & horse-nerdie
Eagle hunt ers Dalaikhan & Alpamys: Our hoofs and wings during the journey
Janka: Our lovely chef who will introduce us to the traditional Mongolian cuisine

2 thoughts on “Mongolia Horsetrek July 2020

  1. Ingrid Vrijkorte June 9, 2019 — 7:33 am

    Hello Tamar Valkenier,

    Do you do this trip Mayby also next year?
    Do I need experience riding on a horseback

    Sincerly ,
    Ingrid Vrijkorte


    1. hi Ingrid, yes i intend to do this trip also next year. you dont need to be an experienced rider but id recommend taking a few lessons. most important is that youre comfortable around horses. cheers, Tamar


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