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Keen to go outside and spend time in untamed wilderness? Keen to visit local tribes, nomads, bedouines? Keen to travel completely self-sufficient, whether it is with or without animals? Happy to disconnect from modern comforts and step back in time, learning ancient old lessons that otherwise might be lost to the past? Yearning for mindblowing and soul-enriching experiences? Ready to step outside the box and into the unknown? You came to the right place. Tamar is more than happy to share her knowledge and take you on all sorts of adventures. Passionate about the wilderness and survival techniques, Tamar completed in 2018 her qualifications as a wilderness guide. In the Canadian Rockies she learned about the local edible plants, herbal medicine, animal tracking and survival-skills. She is qualified for Wilderness First Aid both under the International Wilderness Association and the Canadian Red Cross. She is an Interpretive Guide (IGA Canada), an International Wilderness Guide (WGA) and Canadian Woodsland travel and survival instructor and gained extensive experience in guiding both small and big groups (up to 100 participants) on hiking, horseriding and survival trips all over the world. You are in good hands.


27 June – 14 July, 2020

Mongolia Horsetrek

Horseback riding Tour 2020 in Western Mongolia Together with Altai eagle hunters, their horses and camels we will traverse the Tavan Bogd National Park, to end with the famous Nadaam festival


June 17-26, 2020 (other dates possible)

Solotrek Training

Learn everything you need to know before heading off on your own adventure. With horses, camels, a dog? Through remote wilderness and amongst the nomads. I have loads of experience and connections to share with you.


23 - 30 Novembre, 2020

Jordan Bedouines & Camels

Het thema van deze reis is een combinatie van Rewild Your Trips en Skills. Bedoeld voor de avontuurlijke reiziger met interesse in natuur, cultuur en wildernisvaardigheden. Een goede basisconditie en ervaring met lange afstanden wandelen in heuvelachtig terrein wenselijk. Ervaring met (wild)kamperen is een pré, maar niet noodzakelijk.


14 days July or August 2020

Eastern Mongolia Wildlife tour

Come discover the landscape and wildlife of remote eastern Mongolia.
September 10-20, 2020

Camel-Connection Mongolia

Camel Connection collaborates with Tamar and the eagle hunters of Mongolia to train 8 bactrian camels in an animal-friendly way. We train, we trek, we give back, ending our journey at the eagle festival where we gift back the camels to the communnity.


December 4-10, 2020 (other dates also possible)

Bush expedition Maasai Kenya

You will travel like a warrior through the African wildernis, while you are in capable and warm hands, cared for by the Maasai.

Tailor made journeys in Mongolia

Tamar specializes in custom-made travel. Discuss with Tamar her availability for you in Mongolia for tailor-made expeditions.