Eagle Hunters of Mongolia

Make friends with the eagle hunters!

This trip will take you into the remote and stunningly beautiful Altai Mountain Range in the far western part of Mongolia. With an intimate group of like-minded people you will experience the way of life of the local Kazakh nomadic people and learn about their customs and culture. Since my first visit in 2017 I've come to know the eagle hunters very well and I look forward to introduce you to them! In addition to trekking, (optional) horseriding and immersing ourselves into the lives of the nomads, we will also get our hands dirty and build an animal shelter with and for a few of the poorest families in the region (suupported by NGO Heart for Mongolia). In this way we both have an exceptionally great experience with some of the most amazing people I have met on all my travels and at the same time manage to give something back to the community that will welcome us so warmly. It'll be fun!! Price is excluding: Flight tickets to and from Mongolia

“It is better to see one time than to hear a hundred times.”
Mongolian Proverb
"Travelling to Mongolia with Tamar is the most amazing thing I've done in my life. Her Mongolia trip is a combination of "on the edge" adventure and a safe feeling. You will experience untamed nature, you will connect and discover yourself like never before, connect to the nomads and know that in this crazy adventure, there's a knowledgeable and powerful woman to lead and accompany you, together with the eagle hunters of these mountains. I gave myself the best gift ever when I traveled with her to Mongolia. Highly recommended!"
Ayelet Dressler
Tour Guide East Africa



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