Jordan bedouines & camels

Jordan bedouines & camels

  • 23 - 30 November, 2020

Join us on a journey to the heart of the Middle-East and experience the true Bedouin lifestyle. Deep in the desert of southern Jordan, at the border with Saudi-Arabia we will submerge ourselves in arguably the most spectacular desert landscape on the planet. An area where being a desert dweller is in every man’s genes. Jordan is filled with remnants of ancient conquerors, amongst others the Nabateans, the Ottomans, the crusaders and the Romans. We start our introduction to the Bedouin culture at the Unesco world heritage site of Petra, a 7000 year old world wonder cut out from the pink sandstone of the area. Our first night we will visit Petra after dark for the ‘Petra by night’- show, though we have the next day to explore the area in daylight. From there, we head straight to Wadi Rum to meet our camels and Bedouin guides and embark with them on an unforgettable journey through the so-called ‘Valley of the moon’. Not just a pretty name, as in Wadi Rum you imagine yourself on a different planet. We will trek through empty valleys with red and white sand dunes, past canyons and unearthly rock formations, while climbing peaks and natural rock arches. Our Bedouin guides will teach us their ways and show us the best-kept secrets of the desert. We will cook Bedouin-style, and will hear the stories and the songs of ancient times around the campfire at night. We will climb, hike, play with camels, sleep and enjoy stars like you’ve never seen them before. Yalla! This trip is suited for adventurous travelers with a moderate fitness and an interest in both the nature and the culture of Jordan. Experience with long distance hiking is recommended, as we aim at hiking around 20 kilometers a day, with optional extra activities every day. In collaboration with Re-Wild:

"We submerged ourselves in ancient traditions of bedouine culture. There is so much we can learn from them! Organizing a journey like this takes an adventurous mind, proficient animal handling, creative navigation, the ability to plan for extreme environments and the flexibility to deal with the unexpected. Not only does Tamar have all of these qualities but she does it effortlessly and with a mischievous sense of fun. Her love for animals, ancient cultures and the outdoors is contageous and accompanied by a great care of those around her."
Graeme Edgerton
Human Rights Lawyer


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Jordan bedouines & camels


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