Solotrek Training

  • June 17-26, 2020, other dates possible

Have you always wanted to do a solotrek through Mongolia with your own animals? Do you need help with the local logistics, do you need training for navigation, river crossing or fire-making or do you want help finding the right animals, organizing permits and/or planning your route? Do you know about horses but want to learn how to handle camels? How to pack them, which gear you need, what to do when in trouble? Do you need to learn about wilderness first aid or need help setting up a safety plan specific for the region? Do you need help getting all your gear? A solotrek is not an easy thing at all and I am grateful for the teachers that helped me on my way back then. Now, I have friends and contacts throughout the country, qualifications as wilderness guide and survival instructor and lots of experience solotrekking through Mongolia. Therefore I can teach you anything you need to know before heading off on your own adventure. I have trained many a solotrekker over the last years and believe in the personal approach whereby we prepare and set off together untill you are ready to continue by yourself. I focus on safety: safe for you and for your animals, but also guide you in the process of dealing with authorities and connecting to nomads. After all, that’s maybe the best part of a solotrek! Just want to do the training but not ready to set off on your own just yet? No problem! Let’s learn as much as we can and enjoy a unique way of travelling through Mongolia. Prices are negotianable, but vary around €100/day (including animals, gear, food, maps, permits, everything), depending on your wishes and the help you need. Sometimes it is possible to join other solotrekkers, if you prefer a learning environment with more people to learn from. Send me a message to discuss the options!


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