Travel stories

JORDAN (2019):

– Daily blog: 600 km through Jordan with my donkey Yustra

– Don’t want to read the entire blog about Jordan? Start with this much shorter article.

  • Or listen to the Podcast by Equestrian Adventuresses

MONGOLIA (2017):

– Read shorter articles: in English or in Dutch

– Listen to the Podcast by Camel Connection


– 48 minute episode from the Canadian tv show En Marge du Monde about our 3 month NZ extreme hunting expedition

– Amateur video about my Epic Female Expedition with Miriam Lancewood: three months surviving off the land in the New Zealand Alps


– Holistik Magazine “Lessen van een fulltime nomade” (in Dutch)

– Maastricht Univerisity ‘Made in Maastricht’ (in English and in Dutch)

– Weekly blog about my 12.000 kilometres on a bicycle solo (2015/16)

– Interview Ladies Who Impress 2015

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