Tamar Valkenier

Explorer, adventure addict, lover of animals, ancient cultures and remote wilderness

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EN: An English translation is expected for 2023/2024

Tour in Germany July -September 2023

Tamar first fell in love with camels while travelling with two amazing Bactrians through Mongolia for five months, back in 2017. She returned there many times, did many cameltreks through the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan, learned how to train wild camels in Australia and joined a scientific survey through the Simpson Desert. In 2021 Tamar bought and trained a lovely young camel named Einstein with whom she walked 700km through Holland. See the mediapage for extensive coverage. July 2023 the two of them embarked on another mission, this time through Germany. With the aim to connect, inspire and be inspired, share, support the drinkable rivers movement, raise money for the nomads in Mongolia and have a lot of fun 😀 They visited beautiful people and projects (see social media) and many people joined for a day or two! Due to the terrible weather and endless rain Tamar decided it was better for Einstein to go home and for her to continue her journey in a different way. So she got on a bicycle. From Haarlem -hometown to her and Laurens Janszoon Coster (inventor bookpress)- she cycles all along the river Rhine to Mainz -hometown to Gutenberg (German inventor bookpress)- to spread the word, connect and continue on to Switzerland. If you know of people she should meet, places or projects she should visit or audiences for her presentations about Mongolia, send her a message through her social media!


September 22nd Tamar will be presenting some of her wildest stories at the famous Outdoor Festival held yearly in Flims, Switzerland.

Let's go NUTS

Keen for proper food when out adventuring? For years Tamar collaborated with noten.nl to develop the perfect trailmix. One with only the best ingredients, no concessions, and a perfect balance between calories, fats, nutrients, vitamins and of course weight. Now available from 250 gr to 1 kilo packaging:


Tamar is proud to collaborate with BioPetfood to keep her camel fed healthy meals, Xtorm for charging in remote environments, and the incredible outdoor brand Vaude for suitable clothing, panniers and her backpack. All share Tamar's values of repairing, reusing and recycling, while still offering the quality we need when going out on proper adventures.

About Tamar

A former michelin-star chef and investigative psychologist with the Dutch National Police, Tamar (1986) traded her succefull, home-based life for one of uncertainty and adventure. She retired at 28, built a bicycle and left Holland. Two years she cycled around the world, sleeping in her tent and living off the land. She got addicted to adventures as they became more extreme and never-ending. Amongst many, she travelled Mongolia with her own horse, camel and dog (1600 km), Jordan with her donkey (650 km), lived of hunting and gathering under the glaciers of New-Zealand (3 months), hiked Japan, learned from the Maasai in Kenya and the Indians in Canada and spent two long winters amazing herself over the Northern Lights from her tent in Swedish Lapland. She loves the unconventional life of a modern nomad, especially when there is remote wilderness, extreme adventure, animals and ancient cultures involved. Articles have been written, documentaries shot, lectures given and tours organized. While continuing to explore the world, she published books and started a foundation in Mongolia.

Join an adventure?

Upcoming trips are posted usually last-minute on Tamar's social media. Keep an eye on those!

Tamar's NGO 'Heart for Mongolia' supports the nomads of Mongolia in basic needs: - education - - health care - - agriculture - - economy - Get involved, learn more and/or donate

Contact Tamar to: - Help you prepare your own expedition - Get involved with her NGO-work - Organize a tailor-made adventure - Hire her as a guide - Book a presentation - INVITE HER ON AN EPIC EXPEDITION !!