Tamar Valkenier

Explorer, adventure addict, lover of animals, ancient cultures and remote wilderness

I'm writing a book!
I'm proud to announce Rab Equipment as my official sponsor for the upcoming expeditions.
First: crossing Sarek National Park, Sweden on skis.
Next: traverse of lake Baikal, Russia (700km) on iceskates.

About Tamar

A former michelin-star chef and investigative psychologist with the Dutch National Police, Tamar (1986) traded her succefull, home-based life for one of uncertainty and adventure. She retired at 28, built a bicycle and left Holland. Two years she cycled around the world, sleeping in her tent and living off the land. She got addicted to adventures as they became more extreme and never-ending. Amongst many, she travelled Mongolia with her own horse, camel and dog (1600 km), Jordan with her donkey (650 km) and lived of hunting and gathering under the glaciers of New-Zealand (2,5 months). She loves the unconventional life of a modern nomad, especially when there is remote wilderness, extreme adventure, animals and ancient cultures involved. Articles have been written, documentaries shot, lectures given and tours organized. Her book will be published in January 2021!

Care to join an adventure?

Mongolia, all year

Solotrek Training

10-20 september, 2020

Camel-Connection Mongolia

July or August, 2020

Eastern Mongolia Wildlife tour

all year

Tailor made journeys in Mongolia

June 27-July 14, 2020

Remote Mongolia Horsetrek

Kenya, all year

Bush expedition Maasai

23-30 Novembre, 2020

Jordan bedouines & camels


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